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Monday, 1 August 2016

Pochettino limits

In his recent interview, Pochettino revealed that he hurts when Tottenham lose and the players get a rocket if they are not performing to the required standard, then it's about changing it and putting mistakes right.

He also spoke about the Chelsea game where we were 2-0 up and drew 2-2. The game is remembered for our 9 yellow cards though and that we lost our heads. It did show though, thatTottenham will not roll over in the manner of previous teams. Sir Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville always talked about a soft underbelly where Spurs would crumble.

The mentality had to change at Spurs to change the result, without that we would not make progress. That requires changing the group mentality as well as changing individual mentality and to do that you need to find what really motivates. Motivate the individual and create an environment where everyone is pulling together and nobody wants to let anyone else down and you can create a group motivation where everyone takes responsibility for their actions.

You focus on the elements you can change. It isn't easy changing a belief, it isn't easy to suddenly become a team with steel. Go back a couple of seasons and when the opposition scored we were in panic stations defensively. WE looked all over the place for 10 minutes until we had regained some composure. That has gone. If we concede now we continue to play with confidence. That is all about mentality and learning how to handle situations. As Pochettino points out the Chelsea game was a learning opportunity.

"I felt very proud. To change history, sometimes you need games like this to happen. Maybe it wasn’t a good example but to change history sometimes we need to fight. Maybe we crossed the line a little bit. But for us, it was good — a lot of players showed big character and personality. It was a game to learn a lot. 
"We hear a lot about Tottenham and it’s always that we’re an easy team to play, who never show enough passion or aggression. But we’ve started to change our mentality. To be a winning club, you always need to play on the limit. In football, to compete, to be a winner, you need to play on the limit. Always. For us, the Chelsea match was a good game to know where the limit is."


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