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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Pochettino is positive

Pochettino is positive

You can go through life looking for the good or go though life looking for the bad, Whichever you do determines the person you turn out to be. Positive people do not go out of their way to associate with negative people, but they will for fellow positive folk.

The positive person wears the smile that is an effort for the negative and thus attract people. If you want to achieve anything in life you are not going to do so being negative all the time, as Pochettino pointed out in his recent comments when talking about possible transfer activity.

"Maybe every day we have some chat, five minutes, 10 minutes. We have a very good relationship with all the departments of the club and we know we are ready to take the better decision for the team and the future of the club but that doesn't mean we need to bring players in. 
"Today I am very happy with the squad we have. We have a strong squad and in the place we are after 19 games means we are in a very good way and our decisions were good. Only if we can help the team and improve the team maybe we take some decisions but for that it has to be right and to be sure that if we need some players to bring in they have to be the right profile. 
"The problem is we are always negative in our analysis. And I am always positive always, not negative and the most important thing is the balance of the team and the people and the changing room, and our power is our changing room, not one player. If we can improve our squad it is sure we take the decision to bring in this player if we identify this player."

In this context he is talking about negative evaluation and analysis but the message is clear. Pochettino is a positive person, as he says always. You listen to any manager and they will always try to take the positive out of a situation, rather than dwelling on the negative.

In the workplace the theory used to be that if you improve an employees weaknesses they become better at their job, yet it is more efficient to improve their strengths. The key is to employ people that enjoy doing particular jobs, if someone enjoys administration, then free the manual employee from the task and let them get on with what they are good at and enjoy. While you would think companies operate that way, they don't to the degree that they could, but none are brave enough to reorganise in such a way, at least to the extent where it would make a significant difference.

Pochettino has created a positive environment at the club, but especially within the first team squad. Harry Kane talks about it being a brotherhood, it's another small part of building success. That positive environment has to be maintained so when a player doesn't want to be a part of it he let's them go and removes them to train with the youth. They have a negative outlook to what he is trying to achieve and he doesn't want that negative influence impacting upon the squad environment. 

He only wants players who want to be here. While people like Carroll, Chadli and Mason are available to anyone who meets our valuations, all still want to be at the club, thus they stay with the first team group.

There is no doubt we have improved as a team, as a club with his positive outlook. After two game we are undefeated, we play one of our rivals next Saturday who have just lost to Burnley, our new recruits have slotted into the side and don't look at though they need much time to adjust, we have the Plan B fans have been calling for with one striker or two.

The players are perhaps one step ahead of the fans. You get the feeling reading forums that there is hope rather than expectation that Tottenham will challenge for the title, eyt there seems to be a belief within the squad that we will. If you don't believe, truly believe, that you can achieve something then you won't.

Total belief is a driving force, it makes you go the extra mile, it makes you produce that little bit extra each time and it is the r=extra you produce that improves you. You dig to places someone who doesn't have total belief doesn't even know exists. Not believing restricts you to what you believe you can do and you work accordingly.

We are dealing with elite sportsmen, not Sunday morning boys and analysing every detail to look for improvements happens to great affect in other sports. Just look at Team Sky and British cycling. They anaiyse the best composition of socks, they wear a suit made from a material that has proven to make them go faster. In the Tour de France their time trial suits are said to increase speed by 7%.

They ride for the team, as opposed to individual glory. We won the Rugby World Cup under Sir Clive Woodward because he analysed every single detail and made over 2,000 changes to the way we did things.

Science and sport are intertwined and psychology is a big part of an elite sportsman, it is the most important part of their makeup, without it they won't win a thing. They surround themselves with positivity.

Ibrahimovich recently spoke about Manchester United winning, that they must do so to mentally come to expect it, not hope for it. Spurs have to have that same mentality, that same positivity.

The ideal is that whenever the word Tottenham Hotspur are muttered it produces positive thoughts. You associate Tottenham with positivity, on and off the field, they are one and the same. 

That comes from the players, the staff, the supporters, the media, who are influenced in their reporting by their positivity or negativity towards the club. 

There was certainly a marked improvement last season among supporters, and I'll once again sing the praises of our away supporters in this respect, this season we'll need more of the same.

Tottenham are second to nobody, if we believe we are then we are. We are Tottenham and we are on an upward curve. As supporters you should be taking the lessons from our improvements and instilling them in your own lives once again. make that decision to be happy, to look for the good not the bad, to seek out and do the things you want to do, rather than just dream about them. Dreaming achieves nothing, positive action does.

Without positivity you can't have a winning mentality and without a winning mentality you can win. Why then would you want to be any other way?


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