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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pochettino has to convince Isco of Tottenham project


Tottenham are being reported as making a substantial off er to Isco to cut his ties with Real Madrid, where he would prefer to stay and come to London to join the project Mauricio Pochettino is developing at Spurs.

Tottenham have a young group of players and even though Isco is young himself, he is 25 next April, he adds experience and presence to the squad. The Spanish international is a player for others to look to and learn from.

He has won many a trophy with Real Madrid and that is something the squad lacks experience of. At Real Madrid you play with the pressure of having to win, failure is not an option, nor is self doubt. Can Pochettino convince him to become a part of that, can he paint a picture of the vision he sees for Isco.

It isn't simply a case of asking a player if they want to come to Tottenham, you have to know how you are going to use them, they want to know how you see their future, just like any job interview, but the other way around. Pochettino has to sell the club to Isco, Isco doesn't have to sell himself to Tottenham.

If he wants plenty of football Isco has to move, but moving from one of, if not the worlds top club is naturally difficult. Manchester City could be a destination as could Italy still, but the Milan clubs don't have UEFA Champions League football which would count against them. Juventus want him and are willing to pay between £25.53-million to £34.03-million to get him say prominent Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

He has had a full pre-season but has suffered an ankle injury and has perhaps moved further down the pecking order with the emergence of 20-year-old  (21 next January) Marco Asensio. having said that Zinidene Zidane like Isco and would rather keep him, the pressure to sell him is coming for Florentino Perez, who prefers James Rodriguez.

Signing him isn't going to be easy but unless you try for these players you are never going to sign one and trying we most certainly are.


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