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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Offering Vertonghen, the Daily Star talking nonsense


Daily Star talking nonsense

The Daily Star have lost the plot and are peddling some nonsense this morning as they attempt to make out a battle is waging between Spurs and Liverpool for a player Inter Milan have been trying to offload all summer despite only just having bought him.

Marcelo Brozovic was at Inter on loan with a guaranteed buy clause in his contract. That has been activated this summer and he is demanding a wage increase. Inter need to sell to help their finances despite having new Chinese owners. Brozovic has been offered around Europe to clubs and thus far there have been no takings.He was offered to Spurs, he has been offered to Liverpool.

The daft element of the Daily Star story though is the thought that Mauricio Pochettino is thinking of a player-plus-cash offer to secure Brozovic, fine except the player they name is Jan Vertonghen!

At that point, you know the story is a figment of a journalists active imagination. Vertonghen is not for sale and his departure would leave us with a big hole in central defence. Pochettino has already made it perfectly clear that we do not need to sign anyone at the heart of our defence.

Daft Daily Star Article

Brozovic is a midfield player, a department where we are overloaded and have players for sale, Carroll, Mason, Bentaleb and Chadli. he isn't the specialist central attacking midfielder we are looking for, nor the wide attacker, he is more of a central midfielder so perhaps the Ryan Mason slot. His price has been quoted as over £20-million even though Inter bought him for £4.25-million when the new season started on 1 July.

He has started 54 games as a central midfielder, 28 as a central attacking midfielder, 14 as a defensive midfielder, 13 on the right of midfield, 2 on the left wing and 2 on the right wing. He has played 47 Serie A games and has 20 Croatian caps.

Signing Brozovic and selling Vertonghem would make absolutely no sense, it would totally unbalance the squad and leave us with only two central defenders with any Premier League experience.

You perhaps remember we had Lamela and Brozovic swap stories earlier, again complete nonsense. These stories are not emanating from Spurs,  they are desires masquerading as non-fiction and creative writing from imaginative journalists who get paid to peddle this muck.

Inter want Jan Vertonghen, just as they want Erik Lamela, Spurs are not and have not offered them, nor is Mauricio Pochettino considering it.


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