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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

N'Koudou and Njie deals to be completed this week


The local French paper I have advised people tp read if they want to know about th goings on at Marseille, la Provence, are reporting that the Clinton Njie and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou deals will be completed this week.

Marseille have been up for sale for a while , as anyone who took my advice will know, even though it has only just been announced. You'll also know that Marseille had trimmed their staff to the bare bones and that president Vincent Labrune was leaving after he had built a side for the coming season.

It should be obvious to everyone, but doesn't ssem to be, that Marseille are not releasing N'Koudou until Njie is signed, sealed and delivered. There seem to be plenty of smokescreens being put forward to make the matter sound more complicated than it is. The local French press are confident the deals will be completed this week, I'm happy to follow their reading of the matter, they ought to know..

Marseille have completed 5 pre-season friendlies and N'Koudou hasn't featured in any of them.


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