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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Stadium pictures - cranes and raker beams


A new crane arrived at the ground and they are all excited over at Skyscraper City, they want to give it a name. Boys with toys. One reports that the first 'raker beam' in on the back of a low loader which then has to be craned across to the column that it will then be attached to. Each raker weighs 30 tonnes the club inform us, heavy blighters.

Reading that I'm plenty of you were like me, what is a raker? Fortunately, they give us the answer, it is an angled piece of concrete that a stand sits on top of. The article linked will inform you further about raker beams if you wanted to know, not that keen myself but some of you may be. Raker Beams

Again I am indebted to the knowledgeable folk at Skyscraper City who educate us about the construction process. These takers can be brought to the site as sections and concreted together.

In pictures of the build I have seen these concrete posts sticking up from the current surface and wondered what they were for, the above and below pictures give me a far greater appreciation of what is happening.

The following picture with helpful arrows shows where the raker beams slot in. Again I'm indebted to the posters at Skyscraper City for this Thank you chaps, you're a big help to the rest of us.

New from old. If you didn't see the video previously I'll post it again below about the recycling of our waste to create the aggregate we use in the cement we use on the new stadium. The old stadium, in its own small way, is a part of the new stadium.


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