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Sunday, 21 August 2016

New Stadium Pictures and Picture Request


Our first home match of the season saw many a fan take shots of the ground on their first visit from last season. Many fans around the world don't get to see the stadium live and can't always watch games.

This blog is read in 197 countries, has been read by millions and will continue to be read by 100,000's each month. For their benefit of your fellow Spurs fans around the world, I'd like to ask my readers who do attend White Hart Lane to take some shots inside and outside the ground each time they visit and email them to me at THBlogNews at gmail dot com.

I can then spread them to a wider audience who can then see a wider range of pictures of a supporters experience attending games at White Hart Lane. Please indicate whether you would like your name accredited to your pictures, excellent if you are a budding photographer to show what you can do.

It really did look strange having a gaping hole in the corner of the ground and naturally the TV coverage mentioned the build going on behind. When you saw the shots on the TV the hole looked even bigger.

At Spurs for the first game if the season.

This is Lord Sugar's view of the ground from his seat. Our former chairman attended the first home game of the season with his grandson.

Caught Offside were feeling the wind at White Hart Lane.

Chris Cowlin also spotted a hole in the ground, our fans seem facinated by taking pictures of what is not there, rather than what is.

The view for the Crystal Palace section of the stadium.
At white hart lane - looking forward to palace bounce back... Stadium looks better than before - less of it. 😉


Neil Carter


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