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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New Stadium: Picture gives a real sense of size


I'm loving this particular shot, It gives a real sense of what you will see from the single tier stand and a real sense of the playing surface inside the stadium. You can see the whole thing coming together and get an idea of the size of the eventual pitch.

Has Doctor Who popped his phone box (bottom left) onto site for a blue repaint? He must be a Tottenham fan. To make sense of that you may wish to read a previous picture post, Art Appreciation.

There must be many a child out there who loves big diggers and trucks, most boys do when they are young. It's one way to build their construction business interest by watching the vehicles in action. When you are not in a big city and you travel everywhere by cars you look out for these as a kid, I did, mine did, it's not quite the same on a tube!


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