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Thursday, 4 August 2016

New Stadium Image Projections


The graphics below show the situation today and an image projection of where we expect to be in 10 months time with the construction of the new Spurs stadium. That is then followed by various image projections at how the stadium may appear from the Twitter folk working their graphics magic.
This unofficial graphic shows what the new Spurs stadium may well look like inside when it is finished. I rather like this image with the cockerel for all to see.

Below that the aerial representation of what a helicopter might see at our last home game really gives a sense of the size of the new stadium.

Another of my unofficial images but I hope we get our club cockerel sitting proud on our new stadium south terrace.

And here's a quick view of what one might see from behind the glass of sky lounge gantry.

From the same graphic company as above, how the new North Stand might look when completed.


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