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Saturday, 13 August 2016

New planning application to Haringey council


White Hart Lane Station Upgrade Planning Application, Design and Access Statement August 2016
Planning Application

The link above will take you to the planning application that you can view at your leisure.

The picture above shows the area included in the planning application and it gives those fans who have never had a chance to visit White Hart Lane where the station is in relation to the new stadium, that is on the right. You can refer to this at the link above.

The planning application shows a whole series of pictures of the area and a view of map of the work to be undertaken. While not a part of the stadium it is significant for those arriving and departing to and from White Hart Lane from that route, back in the day I used to use Seven Sisters myself and walk down the high street. I have never had cause to use this station.

The proposal is only 13 pages so not a massive amount to pour through.


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