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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mourinho wants Man U to scout for creativity and what?


The new Manchester United scout brought to the club by Jose Moutinho, Sandro Orlandell, was speaking at a conference in Brazil and outlined the most important attributes to look for in a player.

"Creativity and winning mentality are the most important attributes in a young player."
Most fans think a winning mentality id about winning football matches but it is so much more, it's about what you do each day in training to make your self a better player and that takes a particular type of mentality. Without it you stagnate like Mousa Dembele, still able to perform a very good level, but capable of so much more.

If a player has it, or if you unlock it within him, as Pochettino has done with Dembele and Lamela, then the player takes his game to the next level, just as Dembele has done. It simply isn't enough to sign a player on what he can do with a football.

It is part of the reason that the fans who clamour for the signing of virtually any young player who shows a modicum of ability, are wrong. We scout players over time to assess them mentally as well as the skill they have, it is the unseen skill that determines how successful every player will be.


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