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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Meyer not Isco who in turn favours Spurs over Malaga?


A late move for 20-year-old (21 in December) Schalke attacking midfielder Max Meyer may be on the cards if Mauricio Pochettino can't convince Isco to reject Malaga, his former club, and move to London.

There is a report in Spain suggesting that Tottenham is the first choice if he leaves Real Madrid and that his family want him to join Spurs. Mega TV have also reported he favours Tottenham over Malaga. There are two camps with opposing views on where he'll go, we are in there fighting.

German media outlet Sport Bild were suggesting we could make a bid of around £38.27-million (€45m - AUS$66.78m - US$50.14m) for him. That sound very high for us, it may be what they want but with a closing window, if they want to sell the price would come down

It appears we have already registered our interest, unsurprising given we have loaned them Nabil Bentaleb with a view to purchasing him and apparently Schalke business manager (sporting director) Christian Heidel isn't concerned if Meyer leaves. How true that is and how strong our interest is we'll have to wait and see as the day unfolds.

Some reports suggest we are prepared to offer £110,000-a-week which would put him among our top earners, sounds a little over the top for us, he won't be on those wages at Schalke. There are suggestions Liverpool have made an approach that was turned down.


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