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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

L'Equipe Bentaleb deal agreed, Mirror say offered to Newcastle


L'Equipe Bentaleb deal agreed

French paper L'Equippe are suggesting that Tottenham and Schalke have agreed a loan deal for Nabil Bentaleb. That would only happen if their was a guaranteed buy clause in the deal similar to the Lewis Hotly deal when he returned to Germany.

His compulsory purchase clause was activated after just 4 games, although the actual purchase was the end of the season. A similar deal is the only way we would entertain a loan.

The Daily Mirror are suggesting that we are prepared to offer Nabil Bentalb to Newcastle United as part payment for 27-year-old (28 next August) Moussa Sissoko. That looks like journalistic invention, I can't see Bentaleb wanting to drop down a division or dropping his wages to Championship level. Sissoko is out of our age range and too expensive for his age. The suggested deal has nothing doing for it.

It won't be long now befire we find out his future.


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