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Monday, 1 August 2016

Kane not affected by Euros

I haven't understood all the rubbish being written about Kane's confidence after the European Championship during the summer. Tottenham are not England and Tottenham do not have the idiotic manager England had.

We have had to read from the national press how Pochettino will have to pick up the Spurs players. That quite frankly was poor journalism. Spurs players were coming back to a season of Champions League football and were coming back to play under a manager who knows what he is doing. That is a world away from the in-fighting of the England coaching staff, who didn't think Hodgson was doing much right either.

Mauricio Pochettino is of the same mind, he doesn't think the European Championships will have affected Kane at all.

"I think he is more mature now and focused on this season. He is very excited to play in the Champions League. The feeling after Newcastle was horrible. It is true that after a couple of months you move on, but it put me in a bad mood for the whole of the summer. It killed my holidays. Seriously. I went to Barcelona and the Bahamas with my family, but all the time I was in a bad mood. 
‘There was no time to assimilate the defeat at Newcastle because the season finished at the end of the game and I did not have the chance to share my feelings with my players the day after and kill them! 
"Normally when you lose and you are upset with the players you have the opportunity to tell them how you feel on Monday morning when you meet them and have a big discussion and a big fight. 
"But after the Newcastle game it was not possible because many of my players went off to the Euros. So I had to keep my bad feeling inside for the whole of the summer. Even when I was texting my players in France to wish them well I had to hide my real feelings about the Newcastle game."


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