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Monday, 29 August 2016

Isco - how do you have a long drawn out saga in 2 days!


You have to laugh at some of our forum dwelling fans, no not the anti-Spurs couple who have nothing good to say about the club, but the way some think.

In terms of Isco I read one suggesting the long drawn out method will only see us gazumped by someone else! The transfer window shuts in 2 days, how the hell can you have a long drawn out transfer saga over 2 days.

You have to question the sanity of some. Of course that was followed by suggesting we have to slap the cash on the table as if Real Madrid need cash or as if Isco is going to have his head turned by the wages we can offer.

Any possible transfer will be about football. He is a bit part player at Real Madrid, but coach Zinidine Zidane like him. While under pressure to trim the squad he would rather let James Rodriguez go, however president Florentino Perez likes James and would rather let Isco go.

Isco is going to join a club with chances of winning trophies where he'll be playing most weeks and certainly to a club in the Champions League. Will our vision, our project appeal to him? It will be for Pochettino to sell it to him, not what Daniel Levy can offer in wages or transfer fee.

It will be Isco who decides where he goes if he goes, that decision will not be financial, but you can guarantee some clown will try to claim it is.


1 comment:

  1. With Juve expressing an interest in him, i'd make them the favourites on that basis.



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