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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Has Levy been negotiating this summer?

Fans in forums, in pubs contemplate and even decide what's happening without much information and the situation with transfers does encourage speculation, ending as it has with the resignations of Paul Mitchell and Rob Mackenzie who both worked closely together.

Looking at this summers transfer business none of it looks like it has Daniel Levy's hand. Victor Wanyama had a year left on his contract, yet we paid £11-million for him when Daniel Levy would surely have tried for £6-million and perhaps not gone above £8-million. The fee just doesn't strike me as a Levy deal.

Then there is Vincent Janssen, who we eventually paid £17.15-million for with £1.72-million add-ons at today's exchange rates. That too doesn't feel like the sort of money Levy would pay for a player with 1 years experience in the Dutch league. Personally I wouldn't see Levy going over £15-million, our opening bid was £11-million.

Then there is the N'koudou fiasco where a £11.11-million (€13m  - AUS$13.55m - US$18.80m) plus add-ons deal is agreed to before we change the deal to £5.13-million (€6m  - AUS$8.68m - US$6.71m) plus add-ons. You can hate Daniel levy all you like but that just isn't the way he conducts business.

I seriously wonder if Mackenzie and Mitchell have been negotiating this window and they haven't had the hard noised approach that Daniel Levy wants to get the best deal for Spurs. When Mitchell was originally appointed it was reported that he was going to be trained into the Franco Baldini role, which involves negotiating transfers.

It could that the pair have failed their summer auditions and that Daniel Levy has taken the reigns again and renegotiated in Levy fashion, with a hard nosed offer.

None of the summer deals look like levy deals to me, even the departures have gone cheaply, Fazio for peanuts, we don't even get £4-million for him even including a loan fee. There were at least 10 Championship clubs and at least 2 Premier League clubs after Alex Pritchard so there was no need to drop his price.

We may never know or things may come out in due course, for now though it seems clear Levy is back in charge.


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