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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Drinkwater link makes no sense


The Sun have decided that Tottenham might make a move for a player we don't need Danny Drinkwater.

It looks like complete speculation from the gutter press that doesn't seem to take into account we have one England international in his position and have just signed a second international who knows the system we play. Why would we want to pay £20-million for a player who would rarely play, who would go from a first choice to a third choice?

I  presume he is after a wage increase and his agent is feeding rubbish to the press. With Harry Winks showing in Australia that we don't need any more central midfielders there would little point Drinkwater even considering a move, which I'm sure he wouldn't.

Eric Dier
Victor Wanyama
Tom Carroll

Mouse Dembele
Ryan Mason
Harry Winks

There isn't any place for him in the squad and as a 26-year-old (27 next March) he isn't going to greatly increase in value, thus doesn't tick one of the boxes we require.

If you analyse the Tottenham transfer policy and take into account the type of player we are after and in what positions then the story have little or nothing going for it.


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