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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Daft Spurs and Mandzukic talk


 Daft Spurs and Mandzukic talk

Tottenham have first choice Harry Kane and second choice Vincent Janssen so why throw our name into a story for Juventus striker Mario Mandzukic?

Can't people put two and two together and appreciate that while we may have been interested in signing a player in the past, that when we have signed a player for that position that we are no longer in the market to buy another?

Do people who write this stuff seriously expect Mandzukic to join Spurs for big money to become the new third choice striker? Jannsen has been told Kane remains the first choice so that isn't going to change.

AllSpurs will do is to remain to watch his situation and if events unfold that the time is right to buy him and all the pieces of the jigsaw align then we would do so. At the minute they do not. That is unlikely to happen though as he is 30, outside our 27-year-old limit. Some will say he is special, yet he wasn't a success at Atletico Madrid and was playing with the best i Germany. he hasn't been first choice in Italy either with Morata and Dybala ahead of him last season.

Imagine a circular table that is made up of perhaps 25 individual round dials, each one spinning at a different speed. Each dial has perhaps 25 different sections. I haven't worked out the number of combinations that would make but once all of one particular element align then it opens. That is what our watching of players is like.

Manchester City were reported as constantly watching 380,000 players so you can judge from that how many we are watching. each is like that circular table waiting for all the cogs to align before we make a move.

I don't see Mandzukic's ever aligning.


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