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Monday, 29 August 2016

Burke, Coric, Sessegnon


A read a fan suggesting we should buy Oliver Burke, Ante Coric and Ryan Sessegnon as if just plonking money on a table means a guaranteed signing or that we should just sign everyone mentioned.

We are a Champions League club, we can not simply put untried kids in the squad, they have to be slowly introduced in a season where we need to be strengthening for the immediate future instead of a couple of years. time.

Oliver Burke is a 19-year-old (20 next April) Nottingham Forest winger who has only played 25 Championship games, including substitute appearances. He has 6 goals and 2 assists (3 goals and 1 assist this season). Although he played in 18 games last season he only actually appeared for 734 minutes, which is 8.15 full games.

If he were bought he would have to go into the Development Squad or be immediately loaned out, probably back to Nottingham Forest for the remainder of the season to continue his development. Wilfred Zaha is a prime example of a Championship player talked up as something special only to flop when he goes to a major club and isn't playing every week.

It isn't in the best interests of Burke's career not to be playing at this point. He certainly can't be considered for a spot in our first team squad yet and it isn't in Nottingham Forest's interests to sell him yet. Unless someone slaps a silly amount of money down or Forest are under financial pressure I don't see him going anywhere, he is under contract until 2018

Ante Coric only wants to join a club where he will be a big player. That means he wants to play every week and not be a bit part player. can we accommodate that? He has turned down all the top clubs it seems, Manchester City being the latest, because he wouldn't be playing. City wanted to loan him to Granada, which didn't impress, he wants to be playing for a top club or stay where he is until a top club are going to play him.

Where would he fit at Spurs? We need a central attacking midfielder to help Alli and the lad has talent. Is he ready yet though, the big clubs don't think so.

Ryan Sessegnon is a different kettle of fish, he is only a 16-year-old (17 next May) so is definitely one for the future and one who again needs to play every week. Signing him and loaning him back to Fulham for the season makes sense, but why would Fulham want to sell him now when they can develop him further and reap a bigger reward later on?

Reputation must be forgotten, media hype must be dismissed, each player must be looked at coldly and dispassionately, analyse almost. Fan generally make decisions based on hype, the media build players up into something they are not, they compare them to stars, call them the next this and the next that, while forum dwellers who have hardly seem a player play profess him to be a superstar in the making.

It is all rather sad, a far cry from the reality of scouting and assessing players that fit within the strategy that Mauricio Pochettino is developing at White Hart Lane.


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  1. oliver burke signed for red bull leipzig yesterday for 13 million. fyi leipzig were founded in 2009 and this os their first season in the bundesliga. spurs missed a serious trick there in my opinion. we are usually renowned for buying top young talent and developing them. maybe the fact we havent signed burke or sessegnon means we are losing our touch? have to say spurs have underperformed this transfer window amd personally i think levy needs to go. he has done his part with the stadium but he is now more of a hinderance than a benefit



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