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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bentaleb wants to leave so

Bentaleb wants to leave so

Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed, for anyone who didn't know, that if you are not a part of the future of Spurs then he does not need to spend time on you, he will concentrate on the players who have a part to play.

"He is training with the under-21s. He is not with the first team because he wanted to leave. "If he wanted to leave, he can come and see me, I say, 'okay you can leave', and he is waiting to try to find a place away from Tottenham. 
"But there is nothing to do. We share the changing room and the restaurants all together, it is not a problem. 
"The rule is very clear: if you are not part of my plans, why are you training with us? He understands very well, like any other player."

Bentaleb wasn't playing last season and didn't like it having spent ages negotiating a new contract because he though he deserved top wages. He now trains with the Under-21 Development Squad. They are the rules under Pochettino and all the players know that, if you are not a part of his plans, you don't train with the side.

It has been the same at each club and why you get ex-players complaining that they feel ostracised when they are not a part of his inner circle of favourite players. Those comments now fall into place and we see them for what they are.


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