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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Academy Earnings

The sale of Alex Pritchard adds to the coffers and increases the revenue generated by the Academy. It is the aim of such academies to pay for themselves, Real Madrid and Barcelona are quite open that they must do so and are not a burden on the clubs financially.

Tottenham have received over £36m in transfer fees for Academy products since 2011

There are a host of coaches, scouts, the use of facilities, accommodation, education, kit, everything has to be taken into account and budgeted for. Your players sales need to then cover that and show a profit. There will be leaner years than others, but a sale like £12-million Andros Townsend or £8-million Alex Pritchard pay the bills nicely.

Ideally you don't want one element of your club supporting another element, ideally they should all support themselves over the long-term. We pick the cream of the players we develop and it is important to understand otherwise we start believing someone like Tom Carroll is better than he is. If a player leaves and develops his game elsewhere, great. It doesn't mean we have lost out because we would have other players that came through.


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