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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Why would Spurs want to develop a Man U player?

The staff writers at HITC, who seem to know little about Tottenham, have this morning decided Spurs need pacey wingers apparently, so a total change for the system we use now just to accommodate a loan signing and develop a player for our rivals benefit. Yeah, that's logical!

Tottenham require and are looking for goalscoring wide attackers, we play with inverted wingers, not traditional wingers. Inverted wingers cut in to allow pacey full-backs to overlap. Inverted wingers cut inside to join in attacks.

Jesse Lingard for all his potential is not a proven goalscoring winger, neither is he proven in our system which is totally different to the system he was in at Manchester United. He isn't a Tottenham player to develop, he is a Manchester United player, so why would we want to take him on loan and improve him for our rivals? He offers nothing that the club doesn't already have.

Alex Pritchard is still at Spurs awaiting a chance and the club have always thought he has tremendous potential, how does it help us develop him if we develop other clubs players instead?

Spurs are not interested in developing a player for Manchester United or any other club. The article then suggests Nacer Chadi is the backup for Erik Lamela, they seem to have forgotten they play on different wings, or they don't know. Chadli plays on the left and Lamela from the right.

Sorry but the article is complete nonsense from start to finish. What are the benefits to Tottenham, both short-term and long-term, none, unless Manchester United are willing to sell for a bargain price.

Have people not noticed we don't bring in loan players, we don't develop other clubs players, we let them develop our players. helping a rival is just nuts.


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