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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

VIDEO: Wanyama performance vs Juventus


VIDEO: Wanyama performance vs Juventus

Most Tottenham fans were happy with the capture on Victor Wanyama earlier this summer, despite his last season at Southampton being marred by red cards. previous to that season he hadn't had any trouble which suggests he wasn't fully committed last season,indeed I believe he refused to play in the Europa League at one point. He had wanted a move to Tottenham and the club refused to sell him so he went through the motions for most of the season.

He is a defending defensive midfielder as opposed to the linking role that Mousa Dembele plays. Against Juventus we got our first chance to have a look at him and he strolled around the game conserving energy, probably in the knowledge that he was going to be playing the whole game.

Some of his passing could be firmer, much the same as Vertonghen or Dembele who often strokes the ball so the receiver has to wait for it to arrive and the opposition have time to adjust. generally he did look to play the ball forward past pressing attackers and he did a marshalling job with strength when required.

A couple of lapses were countered by winning the ball in the opposition half and playing a quick pass to Lamela for our goal. His individual performance can be seen in the four and a half minute video below. In the next article we'll take a look at young Marcus Edwatds performance.


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