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Friday, 29 July 2016

VIDEO: Marcus Edwards vs Atletico Madrid


The youngest member of our touring party got some more minutes against Atletico Madrid after his time against Juventus. There were 10,000 more spectators at this game, over 41,000, rather different the the size of crowd he usually plays against.

Our next pre-season friendly is against Inter Milan in Norway and with the season soon to start, much of the first team will get an outing. Whether there will be any more minutes for him in that game we'll have to wait and see.



  1. Am I the only one who hasn't actual seen anything from this kid that makes you think wow????

    All he seems to do is dribble for 5 yards, and make a pass no longer than 10 yards or he gives possession away and he's not strong enough to win the ball back.

    Yeah I understand that he's only 17 but based on what I've seen he's nowhere near our 1st team yet.

  2. Yes, it's just you. If you can't see the similarities in his game and a certain Argentinian number 10 then you either need glasses or go and watch a sport you understand because you clearly don't understand football.

  3. Haha, very tetchy!

    I was only asking the question but seeing as I know nothing about football according to you, you tell me what's messi esk about this kid.

    His goal record is poor same for assists, I have rarely seen him go past anyone.

    The only thing close to messi which if I'm being honest is that he's small and he keeps the ball close when dribbling.

    People like you are the people that so many of these kids never live up to the hype that we put on them.

    To even compare this kid to messi is an insult to one of the greatest footballers who have ever lived. This kid has done nothing yet, nothing.

    I hope I'm wrong but bar wanting the ball which so many of our average players don't he's nothing special, YET!

    1. Lol I'm not saying he's Messi 's double. I've been watching him regularly since he was at schoolboy level and I can tell you first hand that you are misinformed. The kid is destined for world class and don't worry about the expectations. He knows he's top drawer and knows how many top clubs worldwide want him already. I think we may be lucky enough to keep him for 3-4 years until he leaves for a ridiculous fee.

  4. I'm inclined to agree - mainly. Not too impressive.

    OTOH if we look at how Lamela was playing when he was trying to get to grips with the pace and power of the EPL then I still feel there's cause for hope.

    Straight in the first team? No. In and around in order to prepare for more next season when he's still only 18? Yes. Probably.

    He has an attitude that means he demands the ball a lot and that's encouraging.

    Bear in mind also that the whole team are at pre-season level. Comparing him to recollections of how Spurs played last season is probably not fair.

    Room for improvement certainly, but also room for some hope I believe.

  5. the lad needs to play football and ignore all the hype, he has a long long way to go to reach messi standards and if hes able to dismiss the hype around him and improve and love the game and NOT the money and fame it brings he could be a legend in years to come..we saw all this with sterling and its def not something we would like to see again.. Edwards should def be a starter in all league cups and even some FA cup games and iam positive he will get a few minutes as late subs in PL games.. give the boy time and lets not have too high expectations of him on this first season under the spotlight..

  6. I do agree he seems to be alot of dribbling and no product... reminding me more of Lennon then Messi... but he's 17 so still time to learn and no one better to learn from then Poch. Fingers crossed for this kid!

  7. If you don't understand the hype due to the videos, here is something to consider. A lot of the tops clubs have been sniffing around Edwards including Barcelona. It's been well documented that he has had first team opportunities inserted into his new contract. Now the club wouldn't just agree to such terms if they hadn't consulted Poch, who has seen him play on numerous occasions. After seeing the transformation of Rose, I trust Poch 100%. Because most of us would have sold Rose the moment we walked through the door if we were him.

  8. I agree there is hope of a top class player here. Messi LIKE is the key word. He still isn't doing what Messi did at his age. I here a lot of "this is the next Messi" going throughout the world. I think it's cause we are seeing the youngsters that have grown up watching and trying to replicate Messi. There is still only one Messi and to say someone is as good as Messi at 17 is in my opinion you noticing this youngster playing with the style of Messi. He is not the next Messi or should he try to be.He should be the one and only Edwards. I think we as fans need to stop comparing the youngsters to Messi. The next Messi will be take the game to another level and will not be compared to Messi he will redefine what Messi has started and take it to another level not stay at the same level. Players like Messi are once in a lifetime, they redefine they don't replicate. Let's last him play and be himself and not compare him or pressure him. That's my view.



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