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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

VIDEO: Janssen vs England shows work to be done


There he is, Vincent Janssen signing his four-year contract with an additional two-year extension option and one question answered, he is left-handed. Yes as Iv'e left everyone to tell you the news so you can read the same thing over and over again, I'll take a non serious stance.

Left-handed, but dual footed and its that dual footedness (is that a word) that makes him such an exciting signing. He scored 15 goals with his left foot and 10 with his right so we have a striker who will be more difficult to mark. As a defender you like to push a player onto his weaker foot, as then a striker will often not shoot.

With Janssen that doesn't work however, he is happy on either foot which makes defending more difficult. Which way do you push him, what area should you work him towards. That also causes problems for fellow defenders who must also be aware he could go both ways and thus may need to help provide cover, which leaves the man they are shadowing free.

Some of his YouTube videos show some skilful finishing but a look at the England game shows areas that will need work, such as his strength against central defenders and his first touch. On the other side of the coin he pinched the ball in the box and picked out a player for Holland's second goal.


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