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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

VIDEO: Edwards performance vs Juventus


VIDEO: Edwards performance vs Juventus

Marcus Edwards is known across Europe as a prodigious talent in the making. There have been many a prodigious talent though who has not made it, who has though they are the bees knees before their time.

Mauricio Pochettino is well aware he needs to be handled carefully. He has to be encouraged with game time to show him the level h has got to get to and what he needs to do to get there together with protecting. Too much too soon can mentally break a player.

The players in the first team squad have been very impressed with him in training, he has tremendous technical ability. He'll needs to grow ans experience playing against Under-21 players and then men, which is he one problem with Under-21 football. All you do is play against people of your age when you need to be playing real football that matters. It si why loans have become so important with no second XI football any more.

Mauricio Pochettino was happy with the mentality of the youngsters after going 2-0 down after 15 minutes. Dwelling on mistakes affects your game and you end up making more. For a youngster staying positive against older and more experienced players is not always an easy thing to do.

"I'm happy with all the young players. They behaved fantastically and the performance too. It's fair to pay attention to Marcus Edwards because he's a very talented player. We need to be careful with all the young players. He's only 17 years old -- we need to care for him in a very good way."



  1. Wow, that was an unimpressive highlights reel.

  2. Agree with all the comments here, boy in a man's game. He needs to strengthen up. Still only his first senior outing, a lot to learn and a lot of improving to do. He's only 17, after all.



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