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Monday, 25 July 2016

Trippier being perssed by Yedlin


Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

Is the Australia tour a head-to-head for our two right-backs Kieran Trippier and DeAndre Yedlin?

The news on Sunday revealed hat Southampton may make a bid that currently has no chance of success, £5-million for Kieran Trippier. This is the same club who paid double that for a Chelsea reserve, Ryan Bertrand and a Liverpool reserve has just been sold for more than that too.

Of course, the Southampton bid would be an opening bid, thus it isn't their final offer, but would Spurs entertain such a bid anyway. We know that all the Tottenham players want to stay, unsurprisingly they see a club in progression with an exciting time ahead of us. We also know that any player Pochettino wants to keep will not be sold.

The sites trying to make a transfer story our of it or that Levy is looking to make a profit are premature, we haven't had pre-season to have a look at DeAndre Yedlin yet so don't know if we can rely on him to rotate with Walker.

Kieran Trippier is the backup to Kyle Walker and improved as he season went on. He and Walker were rotated, which with Champions League football may happen regularly early in the season and may mean Trippier playing a lot more Premier League games than European games as he did last year. It depends how Pochettino approaches the Champions League.

DeAndre Yedlin was bought from Seattle Sounders and loaned out to Sunderland for the season. The word from training is that he is a different player to the one we sent up North. His technical skills were way below standard when we bought him, but now they have improved substantially. It is something Jurgen Klinsmann has also commented on.

The Australia trip for the International Champions Cup in Melbourne to play Juventus and Atletico Madrid plus the trip to Norway to play Inter Milan affords Pochettino the chance to assess him in game situations as well as every day in training.

He is American and the American market is still in its infancy, Having an American on the books attracts interest. We have just seen Spurs sign a deal with Kumho Tire, a South Korean company because we have Son Heung-min, a South Korean playing for us.

We have American Football coming soon and it would be advantageous to our image to have an American playing for us. All the new people hearing about Tottenham and Association Football would immediately have someone to focus upon and it is little things like that that can help build new fans.

Pochettino will be aware of all those factors. Spurs will want Yedlin to succeed, but to do so he has to get to the level we need. has he made it to that level, does he need another loan spell, Pochettino will find out in Australia and Norway.


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