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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Transfer talk - Vincent Janssen


Transfer talk - Vincent Janssen

A medical, signing papers, legal formalities such as submitting the papers to the Football Association for acceptance and then there might be some more Janssen news.

Fox Sports report Vincent Janssen arrived in London this morning and has undergone a medical at Hotspur Way. he was reported as being booked on a BA flight arriving at Heathrow at 10:45 am yesterday.

The reports all day yesterday that a deal was nearly close were from the morning edition of a local Dutch newspaper. The contents came from questions asked of the Dutch striker the previous afternoon (Thursday) when Janssen was clearing out his locker and saying goodbye to his teammates.

There do seem to be some misconceptions about Janssen, the main one being that he is slow, which he isn't. He may not be lightening fast, but then most strikers aren't, they have a burst of speed to get away from their markers and Janssen has that. The most important aspect is that a player can read a game, Teddy Sheringham wasn't fast but he could sure read a game and Harry Kane isn't fast, he doesn't run away from defenders but he has scored a fair few goals.

He has been dubbed the “new Ruud van Nistelrooy, who again wasn't quick and if he performs as well as his peer then we have made a brilliant signing. Dutch national manager Danny Blind ses him just improving.

“He just keeps adjusting to a higher level. I’m wondering where it ends, if this continues."

Blind will be delighted he has gone to a stronger league and a different level of football. A year ago he was playing in the Dutch second division, then he stars against England in front of 80,000 people and next season he'll no doubt get to step out onto the Champions League stage. His story is one of fighting adversity to get to this pint which suggests he has the crucial winning mentality we need and not just someone who will 'try their best'. We want players who want to improve their game and do what it takes to do that, he has shown thus far he has that vital ingredient missing in so many players.

His coach for Holland Under-21 side Fred Grim, for whom he scored 8 goals in 10 games feels he has everything a centre-forward needs to succeed.

"Janssen has all the right skills for a centre-forward. He keeps the ball well with his back to the goal. He knows how to position himself. He is quick and makes the right movements. He works hard without the ball and puts a lot of pressure on the defenders. 
“Importantly, he is two footed, which makes his moves in the penalty area difficult to predict — he can go right, and he can go left. A lot of strikers can only shoot with one foot, and they are much easier to mark.”

In another interview he said that Janssen could "twist and turn just as easily [as holding on to the ball]. Moreover, he is good shooter which makes him a threat for the opposition from both wide positions and as a striker.”

Those words should encourage a few doubtful fans that we may have unearthed a future talent here, the potential is clearly there and he has more about his game that a lot of other strikers. His strength, movement and touch on the ball caused havoc among Eredevisie defences. 

Last season he was the Dutch Harry Kane, some fools wondered whether Kane was a one season wonder, the same folk may ask the same of Janssen. Stepping up a level he may be but when he adjusts I think we'll have a second lethal finisher on our hands and some people tried to tell you Mauricio Pochettino was scouting Shane Long!


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