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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tottenham tabld top offer for Sanabria


Tottenham tabld top offer for Sanabria

Signing South Americans is fraught with danger and they are never easy processes. The difference in money in Europe to South America is vast and so some players, like some Africans, are more interested in how much money they will get than where they are playing.

Alternatively, when they do find a club you'll often, not always (remember Paulinho) give you their best. There is no suggestion that is the case with Antonio Sanabria. His agent has sounded out Barcelona, who have broken off talks with Roma over their asking price.

Roma need to raise capital and are using the sale of Sanabria to do so, however if they sell someone like Icardi then Sanabria can go on loan with Real Betis happy to offer that route. Betis are refusing to pay the £12.58-million (€15m - AUS$22.31m - US$16.71m) Roma are demanding.

With Barcelona out of the picture, and they have told Sanabria's agent to accept an interesting offer it one comes along, there is only Real Betis and Tottenham seriously interested at this stage. Spurs value him at and have offered £9.23-million (€11m - AUS$16.34m - US$12.25m) which is the best offer Roma have received.

It's the usual transfer story of one club trying to squeeze more from a market than perhaps a player is worth. Sometimes it succeeds and some Spurs fans go apoplectic and want someone to blame while sometimes it doesn't.



  1. Icardi plays for internazionale milan, not roma

  2. This website is shit Icardi plays for Inter not Roma there's always mistakes in this websites articles.

  3. It's not icardi. It's sanabria you idiot



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