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Friday, 22 July 2016

Stadium Talk


. a fan sent me this picture from today, how long before the rubble is cleared and works to begin.

Just like the playing side, something has to be taken apart before it can be rebuilt. Mauricio Pochettino had to remove playing elements that were constraining our progress and then bring in new parts. Just like constructing a new stadium, he had to draw up plans how to improve on what we had.

A stadium can not be built in a day and a team can not be built in a day, although fans do get impatient. We are only at the beginning of the building process and arguably over performed last season. We are probably further along than we expected but isn't it nice to go into a season with expectation again and excitement.

Lee Roswell is a box owner at White Hart Lane and owner of GKR Scaffolding who are working on the site. Pop over to his Twitter feed and you'll find plenty of construction pictures.

Today we paid for an Ice Cream van to come to site and treat the entire 500 strong workforce at White Hart Lane


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