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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Stadium pictures and update


It is Sunday 31 July and work continues on the new stadium seven days a week. The view from the Spurs Stadium cameras for those that like to see the progress are below.

Spurs have informed fans that the dismantling of the North East corner is largely complete. In the series of images recently relayed you could see that the majority of the east and north stand corner sections had been removed. This does mean for some there will be better viewing and they won't have to try and look around a pole in their way. Happy days for some, mind you on windy days it might be a little chilly in that corner.

The new season is only a couple of weeks away, the first home game is 20 August vs Crystal Palace. In the meantime, that area has to be made safe for the public thus the focus has had to switch from construction to simply making the area clear and accessible with the installation of the temporary staircases. It is little elements like this that slow a build and perhaps those who were suggesting we should continue to play at White Hart Lane throughout the build can now see some of the problems involved. 

Construction would have to cease on match days, of which there are plenty and for the time leading up to games where the ground would need to be the subject of constant health and safety checks, given how that industry seems to have overtaken our lives in this country.

The club has announced a revision to Main West Entrance which has received planning permission from Haringey Council. There will now be a sculptured glass arch which forms part of the main entrance

A reminder of the situation on 20 July which gives a good view of the size of the new stadium compared with the existing White Hart Lane stadium. Below that is a shot from 26 March to compare progress.


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