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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Spurs Transfer Funds


The assumption from fans is that if we have £25-million to spend that we can only buy players who transfer fees total that amount, but that isn't quite the case.

We pay for transfers over the term of a player's contract usually or over a three-year period so the transfer fee you see is not what we are spending to this window but what we are committing ourselves to over the coming years. 
From the little I understand of accounts, any income goes into the books as a lump sum.  Subtract one figure from the other and we have a credit or debit on transfers each season. 

We usually have around £25-million, but this season perhaps more with TV money being budgeted in. That figure is the ceiling of this season's instalment payments. The total transfer fee doesn't come out of that war chest. Thus if we buy a player for £11-million and we have £25-million to spend it isn't subtract one from the other to see what is left, you only subtract the first instalment payment from the £25-million.

Although we have spend £30m, we have only actually spent around £7.2m and with the purchase of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou around £9.4-million.

I'm sure our accountancy fans can give you a more detailed explanation. but that is roughly how I see the transfer fund situation.


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