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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Spurs fans will take to Janssen

Spurs fans will take to Janssen

There are players who come to Tottenham who we as fans fall for. They have something about them, they work hard and even if their time isn't a success their personality still makes you wish them well.

Rafael van der Vaart and Roberto Soldado arrived form Spain, one was a roaring success who regrets leaving the club and the other didn't find his scoring touch, lost confidence and as a striker when that happens you have nothing left. We could all see he was trying, we knew he had quality, just that it didn't work and we didn't see enough of it. That happens, the fact that he still then Tweeted about Spurs and that he watches every game shows the desire was there and fans love a player who loves the club.

I'd be more than happy to see Tottenham take on Rafael van der Vaart as a coach, he has a link with the club, he has done it all and has that X factor our young squad would take note of. His comments to the official website show his grasp of what it takes to win the Spurs fans over.

“In my opinion Tottenham have signed a great striker. He’s still young but he’s a real striker. He loves to play and work for the team but he doesn’t just score goals, he makes goals as well. 
“If you work hard at Tottenham and in the Premier League, people will love you and if you score goals, you will be a legend. I hope he will do both. I think it’s a great signing for Tottenham and a great move for Vincent.”

We have a young bunch of lads who get on well and the reports from Holland suggest Janssen is enthusiastic in training, that type of behaviour rubs off on others. I can see him winning the fans over with his work rate an I'm looking forward to seeing him in action and assessing what we have.


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