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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Spurs and Bournemouth, different levels, same task

Next season Spurs will be playing at Wembley in the Champions League and then the following season we'll be playing all our games there.

Having  played our way into the top four and Champions League football we are in a similar position to a newly promoted side who have just managed to stay in the division like Bournemouth. When promoted their challenge was to stay in the league. having achieved that they now have to try and climb to mid-table with the extra money they now have.

A newly promoted side doesn't have the TV money that Bournemouth earned last season, nor the prize money. That gives them an advantage but they have to improve. Spurs have just made the Champions League, our job next season is to stay there. That will help us increase our revenue through prize money and increased sponsorship income, as a new stadium will. That will help us increase our wages budget which in turn helps us step up a level of player.

It is a process, we can't simply gamble one season and hope because failure means years of financial problems that would set us back at a time when we need to manage ourselves well to try and take this opportunity. Simply because we are in the Champions League this season doesn't automatically we will be in it next season and that would financially affect us.

It is perhaps with that in mind that we are looking at experienced central attacking midfielders who can give us another option behind our lone striker. While we can move Eriksen and Lamela there a specialist to rotate with Alli gives us greater strength in depth and options.

A challenging season ahead.


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  1. I agree I personally like wijndelum if we can get him for 20 because I feel he is versitile enough to rotate through with lamella eriksen and ali I like gotze but there is major risk of hurting the team chemistry when u being in a player in questionable form and make him the highest paid player on the team look what happened with adyebyor when we brought him in he disrupted the chemistry and brought down our level the same problem could occur if gotze doesn't have an immediate impact and the last thing we need is someone to disrupt outmr chemistry



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