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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Real Madrid reject £51.3m Chelsea offer


Real Madrid reject £51.3m offer from Chelsea

Spanish newspaper Marca are reporting that Real Madrid just rejected a £51.30-million (€60m - AUS$87.59m - US$66.30m) offer from Chelsea for 23-year-old (24 in October) Spanish striker Alvaro Morata.

Real Madrid evoked their £25.60-million (€30m - AUS$43.79m - US$33.15m) buy-back clause after selling him to Juventus. While they have had two seasons out of him and made a small profit, Real Madrid are the real winners, they haven't had to do anything but sit back and let another club develop one of their players and instantly more than double your money on him.

They sold him for £17.07-million (€20m - AUS$29.20m - US$22.10m) so they have bought him back for peanuts really £8.53-million (€10m - AUS$14.59m - US$11.05m) and are in line to make a massive profit. It is a prime example of why we don't entertain such deals as, if a player is a success, you then have to simply try and replace them which makes forward planning difficult.

As reported before Real Madrid want at least £64-million (€75m - AUS$109.48m - US$82.88m) for Morata so new Chelsea boss Antonio Conte will have to raise his bid to secure his services.


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