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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Real Madrid not interested in Lloris

Hugo Lloris Going Nowhere

Real Madrid  not interested in Lloris

It looks as if the Daily Mirror have invented a story about Real Madrid being interested in signing our captain Hugo Lloris. There have been no reports of such in the main Spanish sporting press, especially the paper based in Madrid, who ought to know.

To suggest Lloris will decide on his future after the Euros looks like complete fabrication as Tottenham are not searching for a replacement goalkeeper, something they would be doing if there was any chance of Hugo Lloris leaving. There is absolutely nothing in the story, no source, just journalistic invention. For some he makes a good transfer story, we had all the Lloris to United nonsense when he was 99% certain to go nowhere, just as now.

The British pres really do like to plum the depths.


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