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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Premier League Ticket Pricing Survey

I'm always willing to help out students when I can and having received an email from Christoph Welte I thought I'd pass it on for anyone to participate in his evidence gathering.

I'd like to think Spurs fans are a helpful bunch and can spare 5/10 minutes to provide some meaningful feedback on Premier League ticket pricing. The email is produced in its entirety below as it explains everything and then there is a link to take the survey.


I am currently writing my dissertation on fan perception towards a hypothetical dynamic ticket pricing approach in the Premier League, like it is known in the airline or hotel industry. The goal is to find out, if dynamic pricing could be an option to offer more fan oriented ticket prices in order to improve supporters' overall experience, rather than just being used by clubs for revenue maximisation.

For this I'm doing a short online survey (takes around 5’) that includes questions about fans’ attitude towards their favourite Premier League team and their level of acceptance for ticket price changes in specific situations. For this purpose, I wanted to ask you for help to find people would be willing to participate in the survey, for example by sharing it with your readers, on facebook/twitter, or any other way. I’d be extremely grateful for any kind of help.


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