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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Pochettino and Onomah positives for the new season

Pochettino and Onomah

Mauricio Pochettino has created a positive environment at Tottenham and that is exactly what any decent fan should be doing. Pochettino knows what it takes to be a winner, it doesn't just happen, you have to put all the elements in place and one of those is belief. If you haven't got belief you haven't got a chance.

Positivity breeds confidence and confidence breeds the drive to do more, it is a motivator. There is not one secret, it's a complete bundle. If you have a disruptive element you get rid of it and bring in a positive one that fits with the happy, but serious, environment.

For anyone to succeed, in whatever form of life, they have to set themselves goals to achieve. They should be burning desires. For youngsters the burning desire is to get first team minutes, then full first team football. It is a shining light they can use to drive them forward in training. You never lose sight of your goal, if you do then you fall into going through the motions.

Mousa Dembele was doing that until Pochettino just didn't pick him and made Dembele ask himself what he really wanted. As a result, he found his motivation and now we see the top quality player that was always in there but not producing the goods on such a consistent basis at such a level.

It was another element of the interview 19-year-old Josh Onomah gave to FourFourTwo. For Spurs fans it is a positive time at the moment, everything is coming together, a new stadium, Wembley ticket prices, youngsters coming through, a young developing side, Champions League football, the NFL deal and a manager quietly adding pieces of a jigsaw together.

“The gaffer just says keep on working hard, listen in and you never know what could happen. When he says that to you, it gives you great confidence. 
“He makes it seem like everyone’s a family and that’s what you need when it comes to winning games, do things together and you want everyone to be united. We’re a good team because of it, he’s just a great lad and it’s a happy place to be. 
“Last season I played quite a bit and I’m thankful for the gaffer for that and this season I set myself goals to get more game time and see where it goes from there.”

I would say in general Spurs fans are more positive than they were, but just like the team there is more we can do to make the worldwide vibe about Spurs a positive one . We are seen as challengers to the elite, we are not there yet, but we are on the way. Th less people we have trying to pull us back down to their comfort level the better.

Take the Eriksen situation, we are negotiating, he has turned down an offer, but fully expects to sign, is happy and his representatives will continue to negotiate a new deal. In some quarters though it's a very real possibility he is off to Italy. That isn't the case and reveals a desire to drag the club down, drag supporters down, the exact opposite of what breeds success. A few people need to take a leaf out of Pochettino's book and apply that. 

There are messages aplenty in his work, you can choose to breed success or choose to breed failure, it's a personal choice. I choose success, do you?

If you see negativity in a forum, comment, show the positive in a situation. If criticism is needed, then show how that negative can be turned into a positive. You can all do your bit in the new season.


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  1. Pochettino doing great things at Spurs. And Onomah will become a great, I hope he is used as a central midfielder as cover for Eriksen or Alli



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