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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

No positives in Hector link


German paper Express look to have come up with a fictional story suggesting Spurs are interested in £15-million (€17.81m - AUS$26.42m - US$19.87m) rated full-back Jonas Hector.

The 26-year-old is a German left-back and with Danny Rose and Ben Davies covering that position, with Jan Vertonghen able to play there as well, there is no need or any place for him in Spurs squad. That squad can only have 17 non-home grown players so their numbers have to be carefully managed.

Having one of them sitting on the bench as twiddling their thumbs isn't an ideal scenario. There is no reason to displace Danny Rose and Ben Davies improved last year to show himself to be a good deputy. His experience at the European Championships will only help his development, as it will Danny Rose. Rose is 26, Ben Davies is 23 so there is no pressure to bring in a younger man and Pochettino isn't going to spend £15-million on a left-back to watch these two play.

The FC Koln player isn't a superstar on a different level to these two, who would surely be unsettled by his arrival, which could lead to one wanting to leave and increasing pressure on the home grown numbers within the squad. Tottenham need the non-home grown spaces for Victor Janssen and perhaps a second striker who can play the central attacking midfield role as well, we are also looking for a wide attacker, again, probably non-home grown.

Liverpool are chasing the German and cooled their interest because of his price tag, our name looks as though it is simply being used to create a story or give the impression of a race to force Klopp's hand.

There are few, if anything, positives in the story so it looks to be one to file in the bin for me.


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