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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

No more of Chelsea intimidating referees

For a few years now I have periodically been stressing that referees need help, that clubs like Chelsea use a tactic to surround referees and hound them so that later decisions go in their favour. They deliberately try to intimidate the officials so that they are subconsciously biased towards them as they seek to put right perceived wrongs or simply to keep them off his back.

I have suggested we need the Rugby Union solution where you simply can't talk to the officials unless you are the captain and that the rest have to move 19 yards away, not just a couple of steps back when the referee tells them to go away.

Now it seems the authorities are at last going to do something about it. The Premier League, English Football League and Football Association are introducing new player behaviour rules. They plan to reduce the 'intolerable behaviour' that has reached 'unacceptable levels' now.

It is the job of a website like this one, to highlight areas of concern and promote solutions that benefit the viewers and fans, not just within Tottenham but within football in general. We have to raise the awareness of solutions so people can apply more pressure through social media. The Pressure they apply then helps force officials to listen to the fans, organised team tactics to intimidate referees into giving them decisions is a form of cheating.

We have seen for far too long seen biased refereeing, with sometimes inexplicable decisions, presumably because they don't want to be surrounded again. Players will have to learn quickly and it will be important for players to channel their emotion into their performance rather than wasting it on arguing with officials.

Offences which could earn players a yellow card

  • Visibly disrespectful behaviour to any match official
  • An aggressive response to decisions
  • Confronting an official face to face
  • Running towards an official to contest a decision
  • Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards match officials
  • Physical contact with any match official in a non-aggressive manner
  • A yellow card for at least one player when two or more from a team surround a match official

New red card offences

  • If a player confronts match officials and uses offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards them
  • Physical contact with match officials in an aggressive or confrontational manner


1 comment:

  1. Let's hope they enforce it. Interesting to see how Jose gets on with it. If I were an official,I would be akin to a trigger happy terminator to aggressive tantrums. Love it. Good luck to the officials. They will need it.



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