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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Locals say Spurs friendlier than Juventus players

Building our fanbase through local communication is important to Spurs, we don't just fly in and fly out like Manchester United did in America while we were there. We take the time to go to local events and engage as much as we can with the local community. We bring out coaches and set up coaching programmes for school children and Ledley King has a full agenda of public engagements to fulfill.

Even the players who have to train try to do their bit to show what a friendly club we are. The locals in Melbourne are apparently saying we are friendlier that the Juventus team and happier to sign autographs for fans turning up to open training sessions.

The team bus that took us to he game today. Juventus at Melbourne Cricket Ground, a large stadium for our youngsters to experience, it feels like the season is just beginning after too long a wait.


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