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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Lamla disappointed with Italy talk and should remain wide left


Lamla annoyed with all the constant Italy talk

Erik Lamela is growing tires of the constant talk linking him with Italy. He was a hug success there and Italian sides want him, but the latest story is simply another Nabil Bentaleb Benfica story. It is all wishful thinking from one side with no actual substance to it.

This time around it is Inter Milan because they have new Chinese owners and Lamela is on their wish list, however, he isn't for sale, has already said he is staying at Tottenham, Pochettino doesn't want to sell him and any player Pochettino wants to keep the club are going to keep.

Down in Australia, where he came on against Juventus and immediately made us look a threat, scoring one and having a second saved, he has been asked about Italy yet again.

“Every year since I've been at Tottenham at this time of year we talk about my possible transfer to Italy. I honestly do not know why you always spread this rumor. I am only focused on Tottenham and I want to stay here and as I said last year when they feared another transfer I only care about this club.”
I once again see calls on forums for Lamela to be played centrally, which is fine if Dele Alli drops back into the Dembele role for the first few games while the Belgian is suspended, but what then? Presumably these people want Lamela and Alli in the same side, so when Dembele returns what then? Where do you play Alli if Lamela is central?

It works Lamela playing from the left with licence to interchange and come central so why change it to compromise other players? It is a team game and the pieces must fit, however people too often look at a situation of an individual and forget the whole.



  1. Typos in the first two sentences... and I stopped reading.



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