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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Just watching the Pereyra situation at the moment


Just watching the Pereyra situation at the moment

Websites it seems are falling over themselves to tell of Tottenham Hotspur interest in Juventus midfielder Roberto Pereyra, however there is nothing new in them.

Tottenham have been watching his situation, h is just one of a number of attacking midfielders we have and have had an interest in. West Ham and Watford are claimed to be battling it out which is a stretch of the imagination, neither have much to offer a player who is used to winning titles in Italy, he has two Serie A winners mdals, two Italian Cup medals and one Italian Super Cup medal, plus Champions League experience.

No disrespect to anyone but you would expect him to move to a club who have a good chance of qualifying for the top European competition next year and that rules out many clubs in the Premier League, it is simply too competitive compared to Italy, Spain and Germany. The player is believed to ant to stay in Italy and thus Napoli head the queue for his signature.

His price has been qupted elsewhere as £16m but it is in fact euros not pounds, his guide price is £13.58-million (€16m - AUS$23.84m - US$17.84m), which Napoli believe is too much.

Just like the Vazquez situation, the press over here do tend to try and big up our clubs interest, when players are far more likely to stay in Italy. They overrate the importance of money in the Premier League. I see WBA are reported as having strong interest again, they can have as strong an interest as they like, he won't be going there. Again they have nothing to offer but money and Vazquez already has a long standing agreement to join AC Milan.

I suppose that doesn't create a story for their advertisers though.


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