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Friday, 1 July 2016

Janssen trains with AZ Alkmaar


Janssen trains with AZ Alkmaar

On Wednesday afternoon Tottenham target Vincent Janssen trained with Dutch side AZ Alkmaar for the first time ahead of the new season. 

"I have made ​​known at AZ my choice.Tottenham Hotspur has released a high bid in my eyes. There has been an offer around nearly eighteen million. AZ but would not agree to the table. I want as quickly as possible at a new club to start preparing for the new season.  
"This is a frustrating situation for me. I hope the club honor still come quickly. It's not that I do not have my time at AZ, not that. I had a fine year here. But the club knows that I want to make the next step in my development."

Janssen spoke to Wolfsburg but turned them down and West ham websites suggest he is a target for them as do Everton websites and HITC. He has publicly stated he wants to join Tottenham, you can't get much clearer than that.

AZ Alkmaar Technical Director Max Huiberts seems to be shifting the goalposts and now wants to keep the striker he seemed happy to sell previously.

"AZ does not correct that there is already a market rate has been on the table for Janssen. We have done extensive research to approximate the market value of Vincent, by people who understand it. For example, in transfer cases like this AZ makes use of the knowledge of the baseball guru Billy Beane who also has contacts in the English Premier League.  
"We have ambition at AZ and want to belong to the top four in the Netherlands. Then it does not help if we sell our players. Vincent here a year ago signed a contract for three years. Basically, we do not want to lose him."

We have been in this position before on both sides of the fence but in the end you can't stand in the way of a man's career. You can delay it for a year but if his desire id to leave then it's best for both parties if an agreement is reached and stuck to, whether that be you give us one more year, as in the case of Modric and Bale, or you sell straight away and reinvest the money.

Sadio Berahino and Victor Wanyama show the problems with keeping a player an extra year when they don't really want to be there, you don't get their top performance regularly. That isn't always the case, but it is a possibility you have to factor in. Knowing the situation, would you as Janssen sign a new contract with your current club, I wouldn't and with a year left his value then goes down.

If you want to be a top four club it isn't just about keeping your best players, you have to be aware of resale value, you can't let players leave for peanut with a year left and if you can't offer contracts longer than 3 years you have a problem. Young players will always want to better themselves and when a player is the national striker he needs to be playing at the highest level he can.

It is a shame for AZ Alkmaar, but that is not with them I'm afraid.


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