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Monday, 11 July 2016

Janssen delays are finally over


Janssen delays are finally over

Vincent Janssen had to cancel his flight on Friday and rebook today after the two clubs couldn't sort out the fine details in time. He aid goodbye to the players and staff, cleared out his locker and was ready to leave, but until those fine details were agreed upon he had to wait.

That waiting is finally over and he undergoes a medical today. Assuming he passes that, the paperwork will be signed, submitted and he can be announced. There are no colluding Russians to instruct a player he must sign elsewhere and scupper the deal. Janssen has made it clear Tottenham is where he wants to be. The project Pochettino has outlined to him and his role within that project appealed to the Dutchman.

He has shown his conviction to the club by not just stating he wants to leave AZ Alkmaar, but that he wants to play for Tottenham and has turned down offers from richer and poorer clubs home and abroad to join us.

I make no bones that I think we have got one here, that he is going to be right up there with Kane as a goalscorer when he settles and adjusts. He has improved at every level he has played and will have to do so again, but in another year his price could have shot up.

Statistically, Vincent Janssen has the highest pass rate of Eredivisie strikers with 73.5% being successful passes He is the first player in 52 years to score 20 goals in the second half of an Eredivisie season.

The potential is there, Pochettino is the man to develop it you would think.


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  1. I agree with your assessment of him yet I an still concerned on the sell off fees we don't usually comit ourselves to such deals which I guess only shows how much poch believes in this young man. This kid must be something special if levy could be convinced into completely caving on the price for this guy. I just hope he can perform under all the pressure and expectation as there will be little adjustment time. He is our only other legitimate strike option to Kane and will be thrown right into the fire as we will have champions league games early on in September and with Kane coming off a very taxing season and summer I wouldn't be suprised to see Jansen early and often throughout the year assuming he performs



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