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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It's what you produce on the training ground that counts

The debate continues to rage over players who are perceived not to be given a chance. One one hand there is the group who say that a player needs a run of games and conveniently forget that could well cost us points as they try to 'find their feet' and we see if they are good enough.

The there are the rest of us, the people who say you train everyday, what you produce there determines whether you get selected or not. The manager sees what a player and those competing for his position produce, not just the skill, but the hunger and desire.

Mauricio Pochettino is naturally in the latter froup as Ryan Mason revealed in an interview with the Evening Standard.

I’m a professional footballer, I want to be playing every single game. I didn’t do that last year but there’s no arguments. I think I started four or five of the first games, got injured against Sunderland and when I came back, the team was flying and the midfielders were doing well and it was very difficult to break into that.

“That’s part of football, it’s a clean slate in pre-season when I go back and hopefully I can work my way into a place. Two seasons ago me and Nabil [Bentaleb] started almost every game together in midfield and last season it was different. So next season it is not a foregone conclusion that Eric Dier and Mousa will be in there.

“Our gaffer is very big on training your way into the team and you deserve to play if you’re training well, so I’m sure if me and Nabil go back in pre-season and train and play well, there is no reason why the gaffer wouldn’t start us.

“I’m sure Nabil is working hard just as I am to go back as fit as possible.
Our gaffer is very big on training your way into the team and you deserve to play if you’re training well. That statement says it all. It's the way every manager operates, simply saying let's play this giy for a few weeks and see what he can do is charity football. Too many see Tottenham as a charity club, we are a hard nosed business and to get to and stay at the top we have to be ruthless.
We need players who are ruthless, we need players so motivated, so determined, that when they get a chance they know they must take it and they have the mental ability to do so. It comes back to having a winning mentality and applying it every day.


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