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Monday, 11 July 2016

Is Chadli's place under threat or not?


Is Chadli's place under threat or not?

Mauricio Pochettino has set about strengthening the Tottenham squad this summer after assessing the squad and establishing a style of play. The trouble makers and those who didn't totally buy into what he is doing have been slowly sold while we replace them as and when the right players become available at the right price.

Already this summer Victor Wanyama has arrived and Vincent Janssen is dotting the I's and crossing the T's. An attacking central midfielder and a wide attacker are on our radar and it is the latter role that is causing discussions among Spurs forum dwellers.

The situation is that we have Erik Lamela backed up by Son Heung-min on the right and Christian Eriksen backed up by Nacer Chadli on the left. These have all demonstrated they can perform in the Premier League.

Behind them are Alex Pritchard and Clinton Njie as yet both unproven at Premier League level They are currently squad players to develop, If they take their chance the way Dele Alli did great, but that can't be relied upon.

It is Chadli's position that causes conversation, do we keep or sell? We are looking for a central attacking midfielder bit that wouldn't affect Chadli too much. The problem arises of we buy a wide attacker. There is no guarantee that any purchase would be successful.

If Eriksen were injured that would leave you the option of taking Dele Alli from central midfield and putting him there, potentially weakening us centrally or rely on an unproven trio of Njie, Pritchard and the new signing. That is a gamble and should we be taking that sort of gamble?

Some will argue we did with Kane, but if we don't create goals then whoever is up front will have a reduced service and if we only have a threat from one side we are easier to defend against. Chadli carries a goal threat, he is a proven Premier League scorer, he won games with his goals last season.

As a coaxh I would want a proven player there while developing the others and wouldn't sell Chadli this summer. If Pritchard, Njie or the new signing prove themselves in our system then you would question his role in the squad in January, until then I'd retain him.



  1. I'm with u Chadli still has value to the team especially with champions league football coming this year we r gonna need to rotate our squad and I don't trust njie or Pritchard yet and we still need another number 9

  2. if we buy another attacking midfielder and/or a winger which we need, I can see Chadli being sold in order to part-fund those deals. he's good but he's not great and too often he slows our game down when we are on the attack. he doesn't use his size as he should and if we can get decent money for him and replace him with the Dutch guy from Newcastle or Kovacic from Real Madrid I would let him go.



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