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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Higuain offered chance to be worlds highest paid player


A Chinese club have offered Gonzalo Higuain the chance to be the highest paid player ever. 
€30m year salary 
€2.5m month 
€644,000 week 
€92,000 day 
€3,800 hour 
€63 min
Other reports suggest the salary offered is €50m. Robson-Kanu has been offered £5-million, sterling not euros, which he is believed to be turning down because he wants to play Premier League football. A few years on that money and he is made for life. It just goes to show the sort of money state-backed Chinese football is throwing at players.

His brother meanwhile is on the way to Europe Sky Italia report to discuss potential deals, yet he is essential to Napoli and the game of bluff nad counter bluff won't see them drastically lower his price to sell him. Why would you replace the leading all-time Serie A goalscorer with Olivier Giroud, who Arsenal have offered in part exchange with €60-million apparently. You wouldn't.


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