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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Gotze unlikely bit interest is not dead


Gotze unlikely bit interest is not dead

The move for Bayern Munich midfielder Mario Gotze is not dead, but it is on the back burner. His father met Tottenham officials twice and he liked what he heard from us.

You would think a German side would be the favourites to sign a German international, but he is hated by Borussia Dortmund fans, they do not want him back at all. In addition, they are looking to sign Andre Schurrie, another player we looked into signing.

Bayern Munich want to get his wages off the books, that's why they are making him available. He isn't a first option midfielder and several of their players have signed new contracts on improved wages. Money is not a bottomless pit, even for the perennial German champions.

His contract runs out in 2017 so his asking price is currently too high. If we want him then it would have to be for a lower fee and he may have to reduce his current wage. There are few clubs with Champions League football who will pay it. That doesn't give him many options. Does he want to be a part of our project enough and will Bayern reduce his price?

He played 956 minutes and 107 minutes of Champions League football last season, which isn't a lot for his level of wages. It is mainly the British press who are pushing all the stories, though it might be Juventus who firm up their interest in him. It's unlikely we will see him in a Spurs shirt, bit not impossible.


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  1. Im not sure he'd suit us. Pochettino and Guardiola are both disciples of Bielsa and foster hard work and passing (I think Pochs system because of its strong defence is arguably better but we'll see with guardiola). The fact that Gotze was signed once guardiola was confirmed to take over Bayern and was dropped by Guardiola himself highlights how little guardiola felt he was working and how lottle scope he had to develop. That would be a reservation I would have in hoping Poch could get the best from him.



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