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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Fazio rubbish and is Eriksen contract over his position. not wage?

Well, according to Clubcall, Federico Fazio is cover for Jan Vertonghen, which is news to Spurs, news to Fazio, news to Spurs fans, Everybody knows Wimmer is cover for Vertionghen and Pochettino has openly said Fazio is not in his plans, so how can a website then suggests Spurs are holding on to him as cover for Vertonghen?

This story is basically complete garbage - Defender deal held up by Spurs

Several websites seem to be getting their knickers in a twist over Christian Eriksen, presumably, they know nothing about negotiating. He isn't planning on leaving, he isn't on the verge of leaving, there is little chance of him leaving. He is happy at Spurs, as he says himself and his agents are continuing to negotiate over a new deal.

Tottenham have  a wage structure and it is pretty clear that players work their way through the structure. As they achieve they earn a new deal, then another, then another. Nobody actually knows what was offered and what aspect he is not 100% happy with, everyone just assumes it must be money. It could be his playing position, it might be that he wants to play centrally instead of wide left. He has stated previously that he likes to be on the ball.



  1. The bit about eriksen's position is rubbish do you know he has played on the left all his life. I think he plays central for Denmark and that is it. All his time at Ajax was wide left and Klassen central. It really pisses me off everybody says he is better more central as he has hardly played it so where is the data coming from. And also Poch plays with transitional forwards who interchange their positions throughout a game. So your suggestion that Eriksen is telling poch to change the system is also rubbish. I rate your blog but this is just horse shite

  2. I also enjoy this blog very much! I'm not sure about the positioning thing, there is definitely something strange going on with his contract or demands though otherwise there would be no real reason for him to be stalling.
    As you say there is a structure in place that he would have know about, but what worries me is that they must have been talking about a new contract for some time now don't you think? Seeing as he only has 2 years left and usually Spurs extend contracts with 3 years left

  3. he wants some kind of clause in his contract I imagine. like if Madrid come knocking at the right price, he is allowed too talk to them

  4. It sin't a question of where he has played, but where he might want to play, there is a difference.



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